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HPstruct - Optimal structure prediction

HPstruct - Optimal structure prediction

HPstruct implements the CPSP approach, as introduced by Backofen and Will (Constraints, 2006), to predict provably optimal structures of 3D lattice proteins in the HP-model. For a given HP-sequence S and a given lattice type (cubic or face centered cubic), (all) optimal structures are calculated. The CPSP approach computes the global minimal energy for S, too.

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The HPstruct webserver is currently offline for maintenance from 25/07/2017 to 26/07/2017.

Due to construction work at the computing center of the University of Freiburg, we have to temporarily stop the Freiburg RNA tools service. We will restart the service as soon as possible.

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Results are computed with HPstruct version 2.4.6 linking Gecode 1.3.0 and BIU 2.3.6